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bingo history

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They are here: Starting side bingo history
Here we investigated the history bingo. We think that is whole interesting info.:

In Italy a bingo similar Lotto play is played named paypal casino uk of the Italian state lottery on each Saturday. This play gives it this very day

The play needs a time, until it France reached and there of the rich Frenchmen one plays

At Germany the play arrives and is modified. The version of the Germans serves among other things to the education of children in things mathematics, discussion and history.

In the year of the large Börsencrash in the USA carnival prevails in the Southern States. There a play is played named beano. If the Caller calls a number, the participants put a bean on the number of the map. As soon as the beans result in a row on the map, that “Beano” calls and wins. Edwin S. Lowe, a New Yorker dealer of Kinderspielzeug sees this and brings the play into the next stage.

Mr. Lowe engages mathematics Professort Carl Leffler of the Columbia university and asks him to bring the play on a number of number combinations for at height from 6.000 to. The project proves as extremely difficult, the professor almost is moved and a Probandin of a new version at one time calls instead of beano „bingo “, with which a new name would be invented, which one knows until today.

A catholic minister asks Edwin Lowe in the year 1934 whether one cannot use the play to the creation of donation funds for the church. The Charitative part of bingo is brought into being, which continues today still. At that time approx. 10,000 plays per week for non-profit purposes were organized.

bingo the play is explained in England officially in the law as luck play and this is held in „the Gaming act 1968 “

An official national bingo play is called in England in the life.

The first on-line bingo sides conquer the Internet

More than 3 million humans play world-wide regularly in the Internet and classically bingo. Contrary to earlier years this play is played predominantly today of women.


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